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Voodoo Silver Field Hockey Stick


With Voodoo, Silver doesn’t mean you finish in 2nd place! The flagship stick in our Voodoo Star Range, this year’s Voodoo Silver is packed with all the right ingredients to get the job done. With a slightly lower carbon content than the upper Voodoo ranges, this weapon ensures a soft touch and maximum control while you develop the fundamental skills of your game. Subject to the same rigorous manufacturing and quality control standards as its older Voodoo siblings, the Voodoo Silver still stands out as a premium mid-range stick amongst its peers. The Silver also features the same optimum face angle as the Paradox Unlimited, to assist with rapid learning of 3D (aerial) skills, while making hitting and push-pass execution a breeze.



CURVE: 24mm (V1 Mould)


POWER RATING: 7+ (Performance)

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