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Voodoo Bubbles Blue (2014 Model)

$75.00 $145.00

Awesome designs, and a great combination between value, power and feel A great choice in a field hockey stick for a beginner or mid-range player combining enough power but giving maximum control to allow easier traps and quicker dribbles on the ball.




24.5mm FIH/USA Approved Shape


Regular Midi Head





Soft Touch :: Custom-sleeve of twaron aramide - this is what gives Voodoo Field Hockey sticks incredible feel and control.


Supa Light :: Twin channel construction, custom lay-ups and ideal balance points gives Voodoo an extra light feel without comprising power.


Intelligent Resin :: Voodoo field hockey's exclusive innovation for the "real feeling"! The resin used on the outer membrane gives the stick a unique feel of softness.


Double Kevlar :: A double layer of twaron aramide added to the head of the stick which significantly reduces wear from various field hockey surfaces.




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