Fer De Lance Field Hockey Club

Ann Arbor, MI




Fer De Lance High School Summer League 2018



The league will be open to high school players 9th-12th grade in fall 2018. The league (11 aside) will consist of 6 teams.  Games will be two 25 minutes half. Teams are required to have a minimum of 12 players. All players must have paperwork on file. If players have completed paperwork for 2018, there is NO need to resubmit. All players must register for league. Players may submit teammate request and we will try our best to honor requests and place teammates on the same teams so teams can prepare for their fall seasons. Jerseys will be provided for all players. 

Ocker Field 

$125 per player
Goal Keepers Free

Priority registration opens for FDL Members May 1. 
Regular Registration opens May 7.
Registration Closes May 23


June 6

BLACK v LIME, 6-7pm

WHITE v RED, 7-8pm

ROYAL v PINK, 8-9pm

*Friendlies, does not count toward points

June 13

LIME v ROYAL, 6-7pm

WHITE  v PINK, 7-8pm

 BLACK v RED, 8-9pm

July 18

WHITE  v ROYAL, 6-7pm

BLACK v LIME, 7-8pm

RED v PINK, 8-9pm

July 25

WHITE  v RED, 6-7pm

LIME v PINK, 7-8pm

BLACK v ROYAL, 8-9pm

June 20

ROYAL v PINK, 6-7pm

BLACK v WHITE , 7-8pm

LIME v RED, 8-9pm

July 11

RED v ROYAL, 6-7pm

BLACK v PINK, 7-8pm

LIME v WHITE , 8-9pm

August 1

5th v 6th (5th Place), 6-7pm

3rd v 4th (3rd Place), 7-8pm


1st v 2nd, 8-9pm









  •  ONLY the FIELD PLAYERS listed on the rosters may play for each team. There are NO substitutions of field players, meaning if you cannot attend a week, you may NOT give your jersey to someone else. ​ If you cannot make a week, you simply miss the week and your team players without you.  
  • Please note our policy: If you give your jersey to another player, we will revoke your jersey and you will not be able to play in summer league.  This will be strictly followed.
  • You do not need to notify the staff of your absence. Feel free to let your captain know in advance. The captains are in charge of providing an honest roster each week. This will show our staff who is in attendance each week. 
  •  GOAL KEEPERS are allowed to find a substitute WITHIN summer league. They are allowed to contact other goalies within summer league to play for them in the event that they cannot attend one week. 
  • Teams will have 5 minutes prior to your game to warm up in the turf. 
  • Games are 2 x 25 minutes.
  • Teams have jerseys provided and will receive them prior to their first game. 
  • Teams listed first are home teams and should wear light socks. Teams listed second should wear dark socks. 
  • GK are permitted to play with other teams but the team they are assigned to is their priority. If your team does not have a GK, you may have a player suit up in gear, play with a kicking back or play with an additional field player. 
  • Points are awarded as follows: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss. 
  • Tie breakers: Head to head, Goals difference, Goals for, Goals against, coin flip.
  • Games are FIH rules: New long hit rule, can play the ball over shoulder and free hits in the dash must be taken from where the foul happened and still must move 5 meter or touch another player before going into the circle. No time outs.