Fer De Lance Field Hockey Club

Ann Arbor, MI




Travel Information

FDL travels multiple ages groups to a variety of National, Regional and local tournaments. Travel teams are selected from our FDL Elite trainings. FDL selects players for tournaments based on club longevity, skill set, work rate, coach-ability, and position.The goal of the travel side of the sport is to expose players to a higher level of competition while providing the older players with exposure to collegiate coaches. The opportunities for players depend on the age of the player. Some events are based on USA Field Hockey's age restrictions while other local events are based on players' grade. You can find more information on the variety of events by selecting the age group below.  

Tournaments for Sept 2017-2018


Dexter Tournament 

(Middle School)

Pumpkin Classic 

(Middle School)


USA Field Hockey Festival

 (U16, U14, U12)


National Indoor Tournament Qualifier 

(U19, U16)

National Indoor Tournament 

(U19, U16, U14)

Indoor Playdays

(U19, U16, U14)

NFHCA Winter Escape

 (High School Players)

Disney Showcase

(U14, U12)

Shooting Star Easter

Spring Playdays



(U19, U16)

Bash at the Beach


*U19 for 2017 birth years 1998, 1999, 2000, U16 for 2017 birth years 2001, 2002, U14 for 2017 birth years 2003, 2004, U12 for 2017 birth years 2005, 2006, 2007, etc.