What is FDL Elite?

FDL Elite is year around training for players who want to improve their game, be a part of our travel teams and/or play hockey at a higher level (USA Teams or collegiately.) FDL Elite is invitation only. By participating in an Academy event, you are eligible to be a part our Elite.  Academy events allow FDL staff to evaluate players on skill, work rate, coach-ability, attitude and game understanding. Once you are in our program and are a participant, you can continue to be a part of Elite. 

How is FDL Elite structured?

Elite is offered in four phases: Phase 1 (Fall), Phase 2(Winter), Phase 3 (Spring), Phase 4 (Summer).  Players train once a week.  Players are placed into age groups U19, U16, U14, U12 and U10. (Previously ages corresponded to Skill Groups) Trainings consist of basic skill practice, small game play, fitness and drills to emphasize certain decision making. More details on Phase information can be found here: https://www.ferdelancehc.com/new-page-2

How do I get selected for travel tournaments?

Players are selected for tournament based on their trainings during elite phases. Players are trying out on a constant basis through their elite trainings.  FDL staff assess players on skill, work rate, coach-ability, attitude, game understanding, positions played and player values. Players are invited to travel tournaments by FDL administrators.  Invitations typically come at the beginning of a Phase.

Are the Phases different?

Phases do differ and it depends on the season. Phases 1, 3 and 4 are all outdoor based training on Ocker Field. Phase 2 is inside and players play indoor style field hockey (6v6 game on a basketball sizes court with boards lining the side.) Players who want to travel to the National Indoor Tournament are required to attend Phase 2 trainings.

Do I have to commit to all Phases now?

No, Phase information becomes available either months or weeks prior to the phase, depending on facility availability. Players do not have to attend all Phases, yet it is encouraged especially when assessing for travel tournaments.  FDL’s club administrator will email out when Elite registration is open for each Phase. It will be the family’s responsibility to register for each Phase.

How do age groups work?

Players’ age eligibility revolves around the calendar year. The U in U14, U16 and U19 stands for under, meaning under 14, under 16 and under 19. Whatever age you are on January 1 puts you into your age category. Meaning if you have a birth year of 2003, you will be U16 in 2019 because you turn 16 in that year and are 15 on January 1, 2019. On January 1, 2020 you move up to U19.


How much does it cost?

Elite Membership cost $50, the same as regular membership. With your membership you receive priority registration to all Academy events, opportunity to attend lectures, participate in open play, work study (where applicable), basic college recruiting assistance and invitation to social events.  You also get opportunities to participate in small group trainings or private lessons (additional costs.)


Each Phase has cost associated with it. Costs range from $125-$275. Tournaments have club fess associated with them. Local events range from $50-$65 and National events can range from $200-$375.  Uniform is estimated about $100. USA Field Hockey membership (required for USA Field Hockey events) $60.

What Tournaments are associated with each Phase?

We have this information listed on our website here.

What do my club fees cover for travel events? Am I responsible for anything else?

Club fees cover the cost of team entry, practices for tournaments (if applicable) and coach fees. You are required to pay your own travel, meal and accommodation costs in addition to your club fees. You are also responsible for booking your own flights (if applicable) and hotels (if applicable.) We encourage families and/or players to travel and room together.  Parents/Guardians do not have to travel with players, yet players need a chaperone (another parent for example). If you or your player’s guardian cannot attend the event and you are interested in finding a chaperone we can help you with this.

Do you offer financial aid/assistance?

Yes, we do. This is on a case-by-case basis. We can also offer payment plans. We can offer work-study jobs where players work in the club to offset costs. This is also on a case-by-case basis. More details can be found here.

What are FDL’s core values and what will players take away?

FDL’s mission is to provide a platform to develop players by not only teaching them skills needed to succeed in field hockey but also skills needed to succeed in life: leadership, communication, adversity, commitment to a process, collaboration and the importance of giving back. Being part of this prestigious group will challenge you and will ensure that you get what you earn. Winning will be a byproduct of your work ethic and commitment to improve. 

Ryan and Maren have a wealth of experience at the international and collegiate level. They are currently working at these levels and bring the high leveler skills, drills, experience, tactics, recruiting understanding and techniques to their club instruction. Players are exposed and challenged in all aspect of the game to better their individual skill set as well as to enhance the team’s performance.