Fer De Lance Field Hockey Club

Ann Arbor, MI





How do I get involved with your program?

Any new player must participate in FDL Academy. From FDL Academy players will be selected to FDL Elite. From FDL Elite players can be selected to our Travel teams. We select players based on skill set, coach ability, club longevity, work ethic and attitude. 

Can I be an FDL FHC Member and not be FDL Elite?

Yes, you can be. You can still be a part of the club through FDL Academy and all the events listed under FDL FHC Membership. You could still play in local play days, but would most likely not be selected for National and Regional Competitions/Tournaments. 

Can FDL Elite participate in FDL Academy?

Yes absolutely. But it is not required. 

Can young players (u12 etc.) be part of FDL Elite?

Yes, if they bring the level of work ethic and intensity required. 

Is there opportunity for payment plans?

Yes, we can set up payment plans monthly or weekly. We can also work on setting up a work study where you work for the club. This will be decided on a case by case basis. 

How do you establish the age division of players?

Age division is based on the calendar year (January 1-December 31.) If a player turns the age of the division during the year, they are still in that division. For example, a player born in 2001 will still be U16 until December 31, 2017. On January 1, 2018 the player will age up to U19. 

How do I register?

Once the activity (league, travel, clinic, training) is open, there will be a link to register. Registration opens 12:01am on the date of opening. Registration is first come, first serve. Some events may have priority registration FDL FHC Members

I have submitted paperwork for the year. Do I need to do it again?

No. If you have submitted your paperwork for the calendar year, you do not need to re-submit it. If there is a medical change that you think we should be aware of, please of course inform us. 

Do I need to be a USA Field Hockey member and affiliated with FDL?

If you are attending our league, trainings and/or clinics, then no. 

If you plan to travel with us, it is highly encouraged and for some events required. Not all events require USA Field Hockey membership, but some do (JPOL, National Hockey Showcase, RCC, NCC and Festival). In order to attend these events, you will need to have a USA Field Hockey Membership and be affiliated with FDL. Other events, NIT, Winter Escape, Shooting Star, do not require affiliation. 

Do you have an email list?

Yes, you can join our email list here. 

What does your calendar look like?

 Winter League (U19/U16, U14)
 NIT (U19, U16, U14), 
 Winter League (U19/U16, U14)
 NIT (U19, U16, U14), National Hockey Showcase (U16)
 U19, U16, U14, U12
JPOL (U19, U16),  Local playdays (U19, U16, U14)
 U19, U16, U14, U12
JPOL (U19, U16),  Local playdays (U19, U16, U14)
 U19, U16, U14, U12
JPOL (U19, U16),  Local playdays (U19, U16, U14)
JPOL (U19, U16),  Local playdays (U19, U16, U14)
 Summer League (9-12th grade; 6-8th grade)
  Bash at the Beach (U14, U12)
  Summer League (9-12th grade; 6-8th grade)
 For middle school tournament teams only
  For middle school tournament teams only
 Middle School Tournaments (6th-8th grade; Dexter and Chicago)
 Shooting Star/Festival (U14, U16, U19)
High School and Middle School
 NIT (U19, U16, U14)