FDL FHC membership will include much more than field hockey. We aim to educate on members on topics that will help them succeed in life through teaching them life skills. Our goal is give back to the community and to those who have served us. Members also receive perks such as priority registration, lectures, open play, work study (where applicable), basic college recruiting assistance and social events.


Past Lecture Topics

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Fulling the body is a huge focus for athletes. It is a reoccuring lecture topic. 

Concussion and baseline Testing

Safety is a priority. Concussions are a large part of sport and we provide education on the topic as well as a baseline testing.

Dr. Andrea Almeida, Michigan Medicine NeuroSport

Dr. Andrea Almeida, Michigan Medicine NeuroSport

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mindfullness instruction

The mind can be a powerful tool in sport. Mindfullness educates athletes on how to stay in the present moment and use their mind as a tool.