FDL FHC believes that sport can provide individuals with multiple benefits. It can be social, a part of a healthy lifestyle, a place to release stress, a place to give back, a place to compete, a place to learn and place to make mistakes. We do not want financial limitations to prevent young individuals from experiencing the benefits of sport. We are providing an opportunity for young players to receive scholarship for our training and playing opportunity. 


who is Eligible & How do I apply

This Scholarship program is available to individuals and families who have documented income/support that falls within the “very low” or “low” HUD income guidelines. You can apply at any time during the year. Your scholarship will good for the entire year. You will have to reapply each year.


What are the BEnefits?

Based on your need level, you will receive either 100% or 50% fee waiver based on documented income/support level. Each approved individual or family member may use the scholarship fee waiver/reduction. This includes any training (whether training, clinic or league) throughout the year.


How Do I apply?

Email Maren ( to receive Scholarship Application Form

Provide verification of your income/support by providing a copy of the current year tax forms and two current pay checks. Based on your individual income/support situation alternative or additional documentation may be required. The additional /alternative types of documentation are listed on the scholarship application form.

Provide a letter of recommendation for player. Letter can be from teacher, current coach, neighbor, etc. Preferred to be a non-relative. 

Provide an essay by the player. Essay can include why they want to play field hockey, what they hope to achieve, what has field hockey done for them, etc. 

Please include all parts and mail to: FDL FHC, BO Box 4316, Ann Arbor, MI 48106

You will receive notification within 14 days of FDL FHC receiving your application.